Xanthippa on Aspergers

Tools to help Aspies conquer the World!

Hello world!

A while ago, I started a blog for all my musings.  I called it ‘Xanthippa’s Chamberpot‘.

Xanthippa’s” because I am rather good at nagging – and the ‘proverbial’ Xanthippa is a nag with a venomous tongue.  It is an image that would be fun to live up to! But, the ‘historical Xanthippa’ appears to have been a little different than the image which history had fashioned her:  the wife of Socrates, she was the only one in recorded history to ever ‘best him’ in a debate and there is evidence that she had also started a school of philosophy of her own.  And while I do not have pretensions to being a philosopher, I have no illusions that any ‘image’ I might potentially build would accurately reflect the ‘real’ me:  I am ‘a little too venomous of tongue’ for that….

“Chamberpot”, because it holds all the things I take in, digest and – produce back out!

One of the things that I wrote about – and which got a lot of interest from many people in many different walks of life – was Asperger Syndrome (Aspergers).  Soon, it became apparent that this topic deserved a place of its own.

This is it!  For now, of course…

Thence the name:  Xanthippa on Aspergers

I will do my best to, eventually (say, in a few years), work this into a more comprehensive, more easily searchable and accessible format.  Who knows, perhaps it’ll be sooner and better….no promises, though!

In the meantime, please, enjoy this blog as it is!

So, why am I interested in Asperger Syndrome?

Well, I am an Aspie!

So is my husband, and so are both of our sons.

Also, I am an immigrant:  I came to Canada in my teens.  Surprisingly, I have found that the way immigrants learn ‘new culture’ they arrive in:  the way that cultural rules, norms, expectations and so on are actually spelled out and explained in spoken terms, helped me understand how to interact with people in general.  My ‘Aspieness’ was masked by what was considered ‘culture shock’.  Then, what I could not learn by simple observation and ‘normal’ social interaction earlier, I COULD and DID learn ‘intellectually’, as a teen, when it was ‘spelled out for me’.  I think this is something that CAN be helpful to other Aspies!

Over the years, I have found various tools that helped me – or that my husband found which helped him – or ones we found helpful to one or the other or both of our sons – for interacting effectively and successfully with ‘the rest of the world’.  Because, sometimes, the tools are very simple and accessible.  At other times, they take some effort.

Either way, we have found they DO work for us – and some of the other Aspies ‘out there’ have given us some positive feedback, too.

I have also heard back from some people who work with Aspies:  parents, tutors and educators.  They told me their stories of success.  And, some have tried my ‘tools’ out, and liked them.  Of course, I appreciate positive AND negative feedback:  that is how the tools can be perfected!

So, here, I hope to first migrate the posts I have done on Aspergers and the tools to learn how to read, write, express themselves, how to understand what teachers mean by certain questions – and on and on.  Then, I hope to add more original material on coping with Aspergers.

If you have any feedback – or if you have your own successful strategies, useful tips or tools on Aspies succeeding in this world – even ‘feel-good’ stories about their success, I would welcome them here!

After all, it may seem a curse – but it is a gift!


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